Big Wheel

Spin big, win big!

The Big Wheel is by far the noisiest game in the Party Party Casino. You won’t be left in any doubt where the Big Wheel is.

Although a relatively recent game the Big Wheel has become an integral part of casino floors all across the world. Possibly the easiest game to play at any casino, it may just be the game for you if you’re only just learning how to become a high roller.

Often with the largest number of players, the roar can be heard right across the Party Party Casino when the high payout ‘Joker’ or ‘High Roller’ segments are winners.

Would you like to be a celebrity spinner of the Big Wheel?

How to Play

The wheel is on a vertical support and is divided into 52 segments and separated by pins. Each segment is depicted by one of the following images: Joker, High Roller, Monaco, Vegas, Macau, Cards or Dice.

In front of the wheel is a table with pictures of the previously mentioned images – this is where you place your bets using ‘cash’ chips. Our friendly dealer will tell use when you can bet.

When you’ve placed your bets, our dealer will call ‘no more bets’ and spin the wheel. Be careful that you don’t get dizzy watching it spin.

A rigid rubber pointer that points to the winning ‘image’ indicates the winning segment. Our dealer will remove the losing bets and pay the winning bets.


Below are the winning segments on the Party Party Casino Big Wheel:

Bet Odds
Joker 47 – 1
High Roller 47 – 1
Monaco 23 – 1
Vegas 11 – 1
Macau 5 – 1
Cards 3 – 1
Dice 1 – 1

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