Personalised Chips

Many of our clients have used our personalised chips as a special souvenir for their all-important guests. It is remarkable to see how well the chip is received by guests as they study its design intently, feel and remark on the quality of the chip and carefully place the chip in their handbag or wallet for safe-keeping.

As with our Fun Money and Invitations, you have the freedom to place any logo(s) or image(s) you wish on the chip’s sides.

  • For a corporate event, it’s a great idea to have the logo on one or both sides with possibly an image of the business owner or manager dressed in theme on the second side.
  • For a club or charitable fundraiser, a logo on one side with an image of the club captain or well renowned charity figure is excellent on the second side.
  • For a private party, an images of the birthday boy or girl on one side and possibly an image with a partner or family members on the other side.

Of course, there is space for a small amount of script such as the organisation or charity's name or, for example,  ‘Happy 40th Birthday Amanda!’

These chips also come in a range of colours, so don’t forget to let us know what your favourite colour is.

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