Poker – Texas Hold’em

Well, hasn’t this game captured the world’s imagination?

The Texas Hold ’em variety in particular has become the centrepiece of many new Hollywood movies, with its popularity famously extending to numerous movie and sports stars.

Poker is the legendary game of chance, strategy and courage, made famous by movies, gangsters and Las Vegas. No other game has contributed to the vernacular quite like poker has – from ‘keeping a poker face’ to ‘upping the ante’.

There are literally dozens of different types of poker such as Texas Hold ’em, Seven Card Stud (my favourite), Manilla, Draw and Omaha, to name just a few of the well known varieties.

How to Play

At Party Party Casino we play the popular and exciting Texas Hold ’em poker variety.

To start the game every player gets two cards followed by a round of betting. Then it gets interesting with five ‘community’ cards dealt to the middle of the table.

The first three of the five ‘community’ cards are called the ‘flop’, the fourth card is the ‘turn’ and finally the ‘river’. After each of the above three deals is a round of betting.

Of course the aim of the game is to get the best hand possible from your two cards and any three of the community cards. You may find that using just one of the cards in your hand and four of the ‘community’ cards form your best possible hand.

The beauty of poker is that not only do you have to understand the probability of who might have what cards, but more importantly you must be a psychologist… if you can read body language, you’re half way there.

Remember that the best hand doesn’t always win (bluff), so don’t forget your poker face.

Poker Hands

In Descending Order of Strength

Royal Flush A, K, Q, J, 10 – All the same suite
Straight Flush Five sequential cards – All the same suite
Four of a Kind Four matching numbers
Full House A set of three & two matching numbers
Flush All the same suite
Straight Five sequential cards – Any suite
Three of a kind Three matching numbers
Two Pair Two sets of two matching numbers
Pair Two matching numbers
High Card Highest value card

Did You Know?

During WWII president Richard Nixon won $6,000 in his first two months in the US navy. He used that money and further poker winnings to finance his victorious run to congress in 1946.

Due to French influence, Spades represents Royalty, Diamonds represents Merchants, Clubs represents Peasants and Hearts represents the Clergy.

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