Murder Mystery

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Why not offer your guests an abundance of entertainment with a Casino Fun Night and a Murder Mystery twist… Or alternatively, a Murder Mystery night as a fun stand-alone event.

Our Murder Mystery nights are suitable for both home or dedicated event/function venues.

As you can see below, we have a large range of themes and plots suiting a range of guest numbers.

What we do:

  • MC the event
  • Supply the story
  • Supply the invitations
  • Supply the accessories:
    • Character name badges, electronic invitations, extra games, decorations suggestion sheet, evidence, cryptic clues, team directions, props such as a secret letter, special awards, hand cuffs, sleuthing materials, etc.

All you need to do is book us and provide us with your guest list.

Stories (click to read more about each one)

Suitable for 8 to 120 players

STORY: Juliet is set to marry the next day and her father has organised a grand masquerade ball for all the Capulet friends and family. The only problem is that the Montagues have crashed the party. There is dancing, sword fights, poison and of course love. Sadly, our beautiful Juliet meets a tragic end. Who gave the poison, not who you might think?

COSTUMES: Guests come dressed as any period character they like, as long as they wear a Masquerade mask.

STORY: Two rival dynasties are at loggerheads, but will the evil Queen Madge Estee win? The victors have returned to the castle to feast and celebrate their win. However, things quickly turn sour as our Queen is poisoned and falls dead to the floor.

COSTUMES: Guests come dressed as knights, lords, ladies, peasants, jesters, kings, queens, soldiers, blacksmiths, donkey, horse, squires, or any medieval stereotype.

STORY: The world of wine is cutthroat to say the least. There has been a lot of corruption, falsifying of data and why are there so many bodies in the freezer? This adventure will see the corporate world of wine brought to its knees.

COSTUMES: Guests come dressed as a farmer, chef, business-person, member of high society or an alcoholic.

STORY: We are gathered for the wedding of the century. Our billionaire has gone all out to have the most extravagant wedding possible for his wife to be. Set at a beautiful venue, we enjoy the union…. until death do us part of course.


  • Female: Bride or bridesmaid dress, baby bump, Lycra pants, sash, tiara, bad makeup, tarty, big hair, big boobs, beauty pageant, bikini, gypsy, drug addict, emo, goth.
  • Male: Tuxedo, suit, tweed jacket, soccer hooligan, thug, punk, fisherman, suave, pimp, slicked hair, gold jewellery, mechanic, drug addict, pilot, sailor.

STORY: We are gathering for the concert of a generation. Woodstock will see 32 acts play over 4 days. 500,000 people will attend and another 500,000 will be turned away. At the height of the Vietnam war there will be a hippie homicide.

COSTUMES: Guests can come as their favourite 1960s icon e.g. The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, or Janis Joplin. Or they can dress as a hippie, astronaut, soldier, police officer, Rastafarian, politician, flower child, musician or any 1960s stereotype.

STORY: We are gathering for the party of the decade. I hear a rumour that Mötley Crüe will be playing, and Sixteen Candles are all it takes to bring this party Back to the Future. KITT loves Mötley Crüe and will do anything to meet them. This puts KITT in an embarrassing situation as Donkey Kong and Flashdance watch on.

COSTUMES: Guests come as their favourite 1980s icon e.g., Tina Turner, Axl Rose, and the Karate Kid

STORY: It is the final day of shooting for the TV soap Devotions. Its long run has come to an end and this final scene will ensure that Devotions joins Dallas, Dynasty and The Bold and the Beautiful as history's most remembered soaps. Devotions will live in infamy that is for sure, as the last day of filming will lead to a truly murderous outcome.

COSTUMES: Come dressed in any TV stereotype e.g., suit, glamorous, ball dress, elderly person, jock, tough guy, doctor, beatnik, art critic etc.

STORY: 30 years ago, 3 friends found a treasure map leading to the Achilles treasure chest. They were going to devote their lives to finding the treasure but 2 of the trio got married and got greedy. Skipping forward to today, Nick Toff (the owner of the cruise ship) has gone overboard and is presumed dead! Was it one of the crew? Or was someone trying to get their hands on the treasure map. Secret love affairs, revenge and greed are all the motivating factors that have resulted in murder.

COSTUMES: Guests come dressed as a sailor, crew member, pirate, Rastafarian, stowaway, Hawaiian, swimming instructor, beach goer or a high society passenger.

STORY: “The Star” has descended upon Hollywood and is determined to hit the big time. The only problem is that so have many other beautiful and handsome potential stars. “The Star” creates many enemies in their quest and ultimately this leads to a tragic death in the cellar. Many people are implicated but only one person is the true murderer. Unravel the love affair that leads to the murder.

COSTUMES: Guests come as their favourite Hollywood actor, director, personality, or character.

STORY: “The Sheriff” is the richest man in Farcry and everyone wants his money. When the Sheriff’s will falls into the wrong hands it creates a recipe for murder. “The Sheriff” has underestimated the lengths people will go to for all that money. Many people are implicated but only one person is the true murderer. Unravel the story of the love affair, the baby swap and the sundown shootout that has everyone excited.

COSTUMES: Guests come dressed as a cowboy, Indian brave/chief, townie, law keeper, outlaw, saloon girl, madam, undertaker or any Wild West character.

STORY: Santa is working hard to produce toys for the kids at Christmas. Sounds nice, doesn't it? However, after 1000 years, Santa has had enough and it’s time to hand over the reindeers to a new younger Santa. The recent gift-wrapping exams have identified a superstar that is perfect as a new Santa. The only problem is... she is about to be blown up. Disgruntled, power hungry elves and dwarves are angry at Santa's planned replacement. Scheming & deceit leads to a web of love, explosions, backstabbing and betrayal.

COSTUMES: Guests come dressed as goblins, elves, kids, toys, reindeer, Santa, snowmen/women, or any other Christmas themed costume.

STORY: Set in Dracula's Castle our ghosts, goblins and demons just can't keep their hands to themselves. Lies, blackmail, secret affairs, mystery disappearances are just the beginning as this devilish, tortuous and dastardly night of murder unfolds. You'll be sacrificed to scandal & mayhem as you and your fellow ghouls unravel a twisted tangle of undead madness to ultimately be crowned the most vivacious vampires in Transylvania

COSTUMES: Guests come as their favourite ghost, ghoul, vampire, psychotic murderer or any other infamous character from storybooks, TV shows or movies.

STORY: Ted Bundy is one of the world's most successful serial killers. That is until now, because he has met his match and has been brutally murdered in his own home. This is a story of love, jealousy, baby farming and werewolves. Based at a dinner party in Ted Bundy's house, join history's best and most creative serial killers.

COSTUMES: Guests come as police, prisoners, doctors, wounded victims, corpses, murderers and any other horror or death themed costume.

STORY: We have all joined the Imperial Navy recruit school. Several recruits have decided to escape and join the rebellion. The story follows our recruits as they are put through their paces in the flight trials and meeting the Emperor in person.

COSTUMES: Guests get to choose from a large range of amazing characters including - Darth Vader, Han Solo, Queen Breha Organa, Princess Leia, Jyn Erso, Lyra Erso, Finn, Poe Dameron, Chewbacca, Yoda, Jango Fett, Jedi, Stormtrooper, Ewok, Royalty, Alien and many, many more.

STORY: Since Walt Disney's death in 1966, the use of computer animation has only become more and more common, now almost no cartoons are hand drawn. As a result, tempers flare and a rift has formed between the hand drawn and the computer-generated characters. People get eaten, gizzards are splayed and there are many poisoning attempts. Several people get killed and it becomes quite a mess.

COSTUMES: Guests get to choose from a large range of amazing characters including – Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Ariel, Mulan, Genie, Belle, Goofy, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Elsa, Olaf, Winnie-The-Poo, Woody, Captain Hook, Cruella De Vil, Buzz Lightyear, Peter Pan, Gaston, Snow White, Daisy Duck, Pluto, Flynn Rider, Pocahontas, Queen of Hearts, Ursula, Alice, Jasmine and many, many more.

STORY: Together our group is heading west to work in a goldfield or bar, but it seems that we’ve all been kidnapped and have woken up in some dark dingy cave. Our known kidnapper and killer thinks he’s smart, but he gets killed by one of his own captives. Will your guests be able to escape Wolfe Creek?

COSTUMES: Guests come dressed as a roustabout, truck driver, bar fly, barmaid, police officer, backpacker, serial killer or any other Australian stereotype.

STORY: There has been a terrible murder and the police are hot on the case. The only clues they can find are posts bragging on Facebook. Follow the trail with our mad bunch of tech heads. The movie at the Hoyts Megaplex is over but the murder is only just beginning. Stabbings, ninja skills, hacking and explosions are all a part of the fun. Additionally, three more of your guests are tragically killed. Is it Larry Page the creator of Google, or Mark Zuckerberg the Facebook maestro that is the killer?

COSTUMES: Guests come dressed in your ball gown, tux, suit, flannies, hoodies, surf gear, goth, punk, emo, jock, sports player or any other teenage stereotype.

STORY: Gaye Shar has been the Emperor’s Geisha for the last 5 years. Sue She and Ben Tohbox have a daughter Kim Ono. Sue She is desperate for Kim Ono to become the Emperor’s new Geisha, and bathe the family in honour. Bon Sai has been found disembowelled in an apparent hara-kiri incident and has fugu poison in his system. Was Sue She's desperation for family honour the motivating factor?

COSTUMES: Guests come as a ninja, karate student, geisha, business-person, schoolgirl, soldier or any other Japanese/Asian stereotype.

STORY: There has been a terrible murder and the police are hot on the case. The clues they can find involve deceit and poisoning.
It is the grand final game between the Eastside Falcons and the Westside Falcons. Half time is over and the third quarter siren sounds. Just at that moment The Coach drops dead in front of a TV audience of 8 million people.

COSTUMES: Come dressed in your ball gown, tux, suit, flannies, hoodies, surf gear, sports player, umpire gear, football uniform or any other Aussie, football stereotype.

STORY: There has been a tragic death. We are not sure if it’s a murder, but someone's negligence has definitely led to a tragic death. Become a forensic detective as you work through the facts to find out who is responsible.

COSTUMES: Guests come dressed as a farmer, roustabout, pilot, truck driver, bar fly, barmaid, police officer, backpacker, serial killer, redneck or any other farming stereotype.

STORY: Prohibition was the brainchild of Minister of Home Affairs, King O’Malley in 1911 and ended a year after the bar in parliament house was opened and following a plebiscite in 1928 (true story). Tonight, we will have a debate to decide if prohibition in the ACT should be ended.

COSTUMES: Your guests come dressed as turn of the century types, farmers, police, politicians, protesters, even Dame Edna Everage makes an appearance, and any other Australian stereotype.


Suitable for 8 to 300 players

STORY: "Aiden Abet" the leader of the Tracy Gang developed a scam that netted him $1m. However, once his victims caught on, he became a hunted man. The $1m was hidden in the Tracy Speakeasy and when it strangely reappears, it leads to murder! Unravel the mystery of the dead man walking, the letters from William Shakespeare and the literary weekend.

COSTUMES: Guests come dressed as a gangster, cabaret dancer, godfather, flapper, pimp, F.B.I, Scarface, hit man, socialite, "play it again Sam", barman, or any other 1920s style character.

We also sell costumes for this themed event.

Costumes 1920s Accessories 1920s


Suitable for 15 to 60 players


  • Story 1 - This is an intriguing story of lies, jealousy, theft and several attempts at murder are involved. This story rotates around several relationships. Love, both requited and unrequited see hearts battered and someone pays the ultimate price. Death is via poisoning, but when poison is too slow, then there is a violent second act.
  • Story 2 - In this great theme, you will hold a party to die for. The story revolves around a celebration at your venue of choice. Your guests will all arrive and then discover tragedy as it unfolds. There are no relationships, we’re all friends in this storyline, but I can't guarantee everyone likes each other.
  • Story 3 – With the following four options you can substitute for example your company name, your university, your local pub/venue, or your local town.
    • A: [YOUR UNIVERSITY NAME]: Law Students Final Revenge
    • B: The [YOUR HOTEL NAME]
    • C: Foul Play in [YOUR TOWN/SUBURB]
    • D: Murder at [YOUR COMPANY NAME]

COSTUMES: An exciting and extensive range of options depending on your chosen story.

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