Other Props & Services

Red Carpet/ Bollard Entrance

Premium quality red carpet and bollard entrance… Get the paparazzi ready! Your high rollers will look elegant and feel like stars.

We have a range of carpet widths and lengths to suit your venue.

180cm Giant Themed Cards

These 180cm tall giant ‘playing card’ backdrops are supplied in the theme of your choice and seamlessly complete the presentation of your casino night.

We have 180cm cards to match the theme of the various welcome desk and 2.2m x 3m photo backdrops.


Allowing you and your guests to take control of an extensive range of music, our jukebox looks the part too.

Simply listen to your favourite station or play MP3 files via a USB stick or your mobile phone.

Voucher/Cash Grab Machine

Bringing the wow factor to your event, an exhilarating experience for participants and non-stop entertainment for spectators.

LED Lamps

A crucial component of your night’s glitz and glam, our LED ‘colour changing’ column lamps produce a stunning effect.

Glow Dice Furniture

Versatile, contemporary and a wonderful compliment to any fun casino event, these ‘Glow Dice Cubes’ are 40cm in height, width and depth.

They can be stacked to form an eye-catching centrepiece or scattered and used as chairs.

Choose from 16 different colours and alter the brightness to set the mood.


Nothing quite says ‘Casino’ like showgirls do!

Welcoming guests, handing out Fun Money, serving cocktails and posing for photos, our showgirls are that final touch the complete the experience for your valued guests.

Roving Magician

"Nothing up my sleeve…"

Non-stop entertainment for your guests. Leaving your guests baffled with an extensive range of illusions and slide of hand.


Whether for marketing purposes or just as an enjoyable memento, we supply high-resolution images, colour corrected and ready for printing.

Our photographer will also join in the fun by dressing as a paparazzi and capturing all of those red carpet moments.

Digital Leaderboard

A percentage of your guests will love to see a leaderboard.

Their competitive nature will be fed as they strive to see their name blazoned across the leaderboard's top few positions.

It Doesn’t Stop Here!

We are always adding to our extensive range of products and services. If we don’t have it and you want it, chances are we’ll go and get it for you!

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