Why Choose Us?

In our opinion, Party Party Casino offers a quality and range of product that is unmatched by our competitors.

Our tables, lighting, chips and cards are all sure to impress. The casino tables have been purchased from an actual fixed-site Australian casino and we always keep them fresh and new in appearance for your event.

Get the red carpet treatment...

Your guests will be greeted by a red carpet/bollard entrance; followed by our professionally presented dealers.

Guests who are new to casino games will be made to feel comfortable approaching the tables and will be guided through the games by our friendly croupiers. 

We pride ourselves on a quality of service that is prompt and intuitive. Our service isn’t confined by the event itself but is also strong during the important lead up time.

A cut above the rest...

We set ourselves apart by providing you with a prestige product and pride ourselves on the fact that the majority of our bookings are gained through word of mouth, and in turn, satisfied customers.

A healthy guide for our business is that a large majority of our customers book us for more than one event.

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