Giant Letters

If you want to bring impact to your event and take that extra step to 'wow' your guests, our giant letters are sure to impress.

Standing at 150cm high and 90cm wide (M and W are a touch wider) you will need a venue that can cater to their impressive dimensions. Our range includes the following:

  • Full alphabet (ie. A to Z)
  • Digits (ie. 0 to 9)
  • Additional punctuation (includes &, -, / and $)

We also have the ability to produce a special shape such as your company, club or charity logo.

Our letters are surrounded by LED lighting and look magnificent at night. You can choose between classic white and/or a range of colours. The letters can even fade from colour to colour; the choice is yours.

For example, an ‘Angels & Demons’ theme could have 'Angels' in white and 'Demons' in red.

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